How I Went from Completely Stuck to Launching 12 New Information Products in Under a Year

Follow these Proven Systems to Unlock Your Product Creation Potential

Do you want to make money by creating and selling information products, but feel stuck and overwhelmed, unable to progress your ideas?

I want to help you take action and achieve your goals using these simple productivity systems and streamlined, rapid information product process.

From Frustration and Procrastination to Rapid Product Creator:

I’m Chris Garrett from and the co-author of the ProBlogger Book with Darren Rowse. In 2007 I was stuck, frozen in analysis paralysis. My flagship product, Authority Blogger, was taking months to create and I was overwhelmed with fear of how the market would respond and daunted by the logistics of delivering such a large project.

Fast forward to today and I am working on product number twelve that I will deliver in just under one year (part of the Problogger Academy with SitePoint).

How did I go from anxiety and procrastination to being able to rapidly create and launch successful products? How come these products get rave reviews, testimonials and most important, results?

Productivity + Product Creation = Profit

This course is ideal for any coach, author, blogger, marketer, or business owner that wants to create more compelling information products, in less time. Using this system you will see concrete results, achieve your goals and feel more productive.

On registering you will gain immediate access to the member area with comments, PDF downloads and audio/video recordings. You also get access to future Live webinar based classes where you learn and ask questions from the comfort of your home, office or on the road. Participate using your computer (no long-distance bill or travel expenses) or even play back the recordings using your mp3 player, smart phone, iPad or other mobile device.

You’ll have access to the material for the life of the site, including every time the live class runs.

  • Over 4 hours of  Video/MP3 audio lessons in convenient easily-consumed modules train you in all the major concepts and strategies.
  • Complete “better-than-word-for-word” transcripts if audio or video is not your favourite way to learn. These are also great for review, since you can skim them quickly to find the point you want.
  • Great bonus interviews for you, so you can get a really well-rounded view.
  • Future live classes and Q&A calls so we can keep you progressing and really dig into the issues facing your specific projects and clarify anything that might not be completely clear to you right now.
  • A tight-knit online community of fellow members, to brainstorm solutions, trade tips. advice and experience, find potential accountability partners, and get personalized advice from me. The community and I are here to get you moving forward.

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“This course taught me about valuable ways I could use oDesk and ejunkie, but the main thing I’ve implemented so far is the idea of the MVP – I’ve got a digital social media guide posted on my site for sale already, and I’m about to do my second webinar and will actually pitch a product sale on this one, PLUS I’m in the midst of setting up two different online paid webinar training series!

The information, classes and forum have really propelled me to keep moving forward. I’m also getting better at not getting so overwhelmed.

Thanks Chris – this has been a tremendous impetus to keep making progress toward living the life of my dreams.”

— Denise Butchko

Product creation can power your business in a profitable, enjoyable and scalable way …
… when you know how.

Too many people have dreams of finishing their ebook, creating and selling information products that customers will love, but get stuck in procrastination and frustration. Don’t be one of them.

“Since this signing up for this course I’ve already implemented a course of my own. It’s because of MMP that I was able to put it together, create my web presence, advertise it and move forward with it in as little as 3 weeks!

I have learned how to better identify what was holding me back and not just identify it but I also took away some valuable tools to over come it.

I’m going to keep watching these lessons and applying the concepts and it will be a continual stream of benefit.”

— Shane Ketterman

Quickly implement effective tactics to get more done and achieve more in your business.

Lesson 1: 3 Keys to More Progress

(Video, Slides and MP3 recording)

  • Discover the three keys to unlocking your achievement and making more progress.
  • Understand what is holding you back, the cause of your procrastination, and why we get stuck.
  • The simple solutions to getting more done in the same amount of available time, and how you can implement them right away.
  • Beat analysis paralysis and unlock your real profit potential.

Lesson 2: The Accountability Factor

(Streaming Audio and MP3 Download)

In this interview recorded with Sonia Simone from Copyblogger, we discuss how our productivity can benefit from the attention and support of others. We go through the key strategies of accountability also the major potential pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Lesson 3: How to Create and Launch a Product in Record Time

(Video, Slides and MP3 recording)

  • How to implement everything we have discovered so far in your own business using this course as proof.
  • The exact step-by-step process for achieving quality product creation from idea to delivery in a fraction of the time.
  • Your rapid solution to overcome sales resistance and product creation procrastination.
  • Why this fast-action process could be your ticket to high value, premium sales.

Lesson 4: Build and Scale

(Video, Slides and MP3 recording)

  • The outsourcing trap, when it works, why it fails, and how to get it right.
  • Working your core and building systems that grow, increase long-term income, and are more fun than the alternatives.
  • Developing scale without the dreaded burn-out and without taking on lots of staff.
  • Why what you have been told about business growth might be permanently damaging your profits and lifestyle.

Bonus Downloads

2x Mind Maps full of Productivity Tips

19 Page Guide to Project Management

Discover how to deliver every one of your projects on time, on budget and to spec.

Bonus Audio Lesson: Teaching Sells MVP Interview

(Streaming Audio, PDF Word-for-Word Transcript and MP3 Download)

This interview reveals how the MVP approach has built my own business. Sonia Simone interviewed me for the famous Teaching Sells course and kindly allowed me to share it with Make More Progress members. We discuss how the MVP process can take you from procrastinator to product creator, the hidden secret behind Teaching Sells success and why this makes us create without overwhelm and risk.


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Common Questions Answered

Membership site? So is this a recurring fee?

There are no recurring or hidden fees. It is a one-time investment with continued access to all the materials!

Where is the class located?

At your home or office. Because this is an online course, there is no physical venue and no travel expenses. And you’ll all get the recordings now and in the future, so if you miss a live class next time they run, no worries.

How much time will this take?

Live sessions are one and half hours in duration but you can play back any of the recordings at your leisure as you have unlimited access for the lifetime of the membership site with nothing more to pay.

How can I ask questions?

Ask your questions in the live class using the text question asking feature. After the live classes you can post questions and get answers in the member area comments.

“I have read other things about getting unstuck, but none of it stuck :) This class gave me a concrete way to get unstuck – along with the many other ideas and encouragement to get moving.

Thanks so much Chris! This has been very helpful.”

— Deb Mallett

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Make More Progress is a mixture of recorded video plus live, webinar based, online class, along with a member area. This means you get information, support and accountability, but most important you will achieve more with less effort and stress.

Do you want to stay stuck or do you want to start creating and launching your information products? Take action today.